A new year, a new page and a new performance with people I havn't worked with before. After the first rehearsals yesterday with Morag Brown and Kate Walker I'm feeling excited for my performance 'Remembering Brigit' as it comes together before we perform it in less than two weeks time. I've been gathering and pulling in lots of juice in the National Library on George the IVth Bridge this week, getting stuck into old books. They are so fun and exciting I never thought I would enjoy reading old books so much, I could almost get into being an academic there just endlessly reading old texts, writing old stories a-new but ah I do remember the real purpose is to take it out into the world and get those book murmurings out to others and onto the stage! (Defiantly recommend the national library though if you need to focus, it's perfectly quite). But the highlight was working on an 1880 copy of the Book of Leinster which even if I couldn't read half of it, the writing is amazing and to see monk's doodles from almost 1000 years ago is pretty cool but especially it was just so good to read stories from as close to the horses mouth as I can get!

Here in Scotland I didn't think we'd ever see an end to such dark days in the last month of endless rain seemed to never end I was wondering where this new year was going but then in the last few days the skies have cleared and it really does feel like we're starting to see a beginning to the return of the light even with the beautiful carpet of snow I feel awoken, then I saw my first snow drop too! Is Brigit whispering in spring already? I think I'm feeling her call!.... but then I'm not so deluded to think this is it winter done, I suppose as long as I can keep that light shinning inside I'll see this winter through and this performance is definatly giving me passion to do so with the help of Brigit's stories. 


AuthorSusanna Holland