Thank you thank you to all who came to see me perform at the festival this year, it was really lovely to share my music with the people who came to listen and to sing and receive the responses from so many. I was exhausted at the end and after nursing a heavy cold hit the hills for some silence and poetry writing. And as the first colours of autumn touch the trees I'm withdrawing from performing for a while to focus on completing the paperwork for psychotherapy training. However the poetry is alive in me at the moment and I'm sure some of it will turn into new songs when I get my voice back and take flight! Here's a wee Haiku I wrote while watching the swallows at play:

Small wings they fly far

Swallows swoop to Africa

Don't give up too soon

In that spirit I won't be giving up singing but standing back from performing as often as I have this last summer, however I will be performing on Halloween as a part of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival with Marion Kenny, singing ballads next to her stories which will be a new collaboration I'm looking forward to.

AuthorSusanna Holland