'Folk music performed with passionate authority and a polished sound'                                               Garden Sessions

'Susanna Orr Holland has a very impressive vocal range with a stunning vocal ability that is put to good use. She sings and plays ballads, ragas and her own compositions and clearly has a broad knowledge of the music she performs. The only slight criticism I have is that the only non-western content were the ragas, so the breadth of material possibly is not quite as ‘Beyond West’ as the billing might suggest. The mixture of the ragas and folk was, however, a nice combination and made for interesting listening. Holland’s performance provides an enjoyable, often captivating experience that will be of interest to any folk fan. '       4/5 [Elspeth Rudd]   Three Weeks (in reference to 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Show)

'A strong and flexible voice with a creative musicality in her songs and improvisations'                                   Frankie Armstrong   

'A performance by Susanna Orr Holland is like a meeting of the east and the west, the rational and the intuitive, the conscious and the unconscious. Originally from Australia, Susanna performs songs from Scotland, Ireland  and India with a remarkable authenticity and an intensity that can be spellbinding. A multi-instrumentalist  playing both  guitar and Indian harmonium, it is her beautiful and powerful voice that is her main instrument.  Sometimes reminiscent of Kate Bush at her creative peak fused with the atmospheric Celtic spirituality of Enya,  Susanna is a prolific songwriter who writes soulful songs that yearn for escape from or a solution to the malaise of modern times, at times acutely observational of the mindless repetitivity and despair of a myriad of urban lifestyles.'                                                                                                      Foakies

'Stunning. Moments of utter beauty. Fantastic voice and some great songs.'                                      audience member