Stop the World

Sometimes I can smile at routine even strife, so much I'm a slave working through this precious life.

So sometimes I just stop. I need some fresh air, so I take a walk outside.

But today this fresh air is polluted everywhere, today at the world I am starting to despair

Today so many thoughts are going through my head, I want peace instead, I want peace instead.


Stop the World I want to get off, Stop the World I want to get off

Stop the World. Stop this train I'm on to stand still for a moment out of time 


But I've been down these roads before, its no secret the daily grind becomes a bore 

we've all seen sunrise and we've dreamed for more, we fight for freedom in peace and in war. 

Lets get away from all these streets with their work and no play, away from the routine of weeks years and days. 

Far away from what is right and what is wrong, for up on a hill there is freedom still, up on a hill freedom still 


Stop the World I want to breathe out, Stop the World I want to breathe in 

Stop the World start my life again one moment at a time 

For I'm alive, alive alive alive alive, I'm alive alive alive alive alive

I can see it now above the clouds of my mind 


Lets head off for the hills stretch into the sky, Let go our burdens and start to fly 

From our small view see what is true as what is not, falls away, what is not true will fall away 


Stop the World lets start again, Stop the World back to where we began 

Stop the World lets find some peace in our mind, and maybe peace in the world too 

For we're alive alive alive alive alive Come on now above the clouds of your mind


AuthorSusanna Holland