Smeòrach le Chlann Dòmhnaill

Smeòrach mis' air ùrlar Phaibil

Crùbadh ann an dùsal cadail

Deorachd a theid nas fhaide

Truimig mo bhròin thòirleum m' aignes 


Hoilibheag hilibheag hó ail il ó

Hoilibheag hilibheag hó ró i

Hoilibheag hilibheag hó ail il ó

Smeòrach le Clann Dòmhnaill mi

I am a singer on the floor of Paible

Bent in the dust of sleep

I’ve lost the will to go on

The weight of my sorrows are burdening me


Smeòrach mis' air mullach beinne 

'G amharc gréin is speuran soillear

Théid mi stòlda chòir na coille 

Bidh mi beò air treòtas eile


I am a thrush on the top of a hill 

Looking to the sun and the light in the skies

With ease I go in to the trees 

And live somewhere on another plain 


Ma mholas gach eun a thìr féin 

Cuim' thar éis nach moladh mise?

Tìr nan curaidh tir nan chiar 

An tìr  bhiodh char fhiallaidh mheasail 


If every singer praises the land 

So shall I with this song 

Land of the bards, land of the brave Land of plenty calls me home


Written by Iain McCodrum but there's evidence that the song is much older and is traditional. More can be read about him and this songs on the Tobar an Dualchais/Kist O Riches website, for more accurate Gaelic pronunciation listen to the recordings there. I have slightly changed the translation in last two lines of the last verse to account for some of the verses not included in this recording to give a sense of what he goes on to say.  

AuthorSusanna Holland