Smeòrach le Chlann Dòmhnaill

Smeòrach mis' air ùrlar Phaibil

Crùbadh ann an dùsal cadail

Deorachd a theid nas fhaide

Truimig mo bhròin thòirleum m' aignes 


Hoilibheag hilibheag hó ail il ó

Hoilibheag hilibheag hó ró i

Hoilibheag hilibheag hó ail il ó

Smeòrach le Clann Dòmhnaill mi

I am a singer on the floor of Paible

Bent in the dust of sleep

I’ve lost the will to go on

The weight of my sorrows are burdening me


Smeòrach mis' air mullach beinne 

'G amharc gréin is speuran soillear

Théid mi stòlda chòir na coille 

Bidh mi beò air treòtas eile


I am a thrush on the top of a hill 

Looking to the sun and the light in the skies

With ease I go in to the trees 

And live somewhere on another plain 


Ma mholas gach eun a thìr féin 

Cuim' thar éis nach moladh mise?

Tìr nan curaidh tir nan chiar 

An tìr  bhiodh char fhiallaidh mheasail 


If every singer praises the land 

So shall I with this song 

Land of the bards, land of the brave Land of plenty calls me home


Written by Iain McCodrum but there's evidence that the song is much older and is traditional. More can be read about him and this songs on the Tobar an Dualchais/Kist O Riches website, for more accurate Gaelic pronunciation listen to the recordings there. I have slightly changed the translation in last two lines of the last verse to account for some of the verses not included in this recording to give a sense of what he goes on to say.  

AuthorSusanna Holland

Stop the World

Sometimes I can smile at routine even strife, so much I'm a slave working through this precious life.

So sometimes I just stop. I need some fresh air, so I take a walk outside.

But today this fresh air is polluted everywhere, today at the world I am starting to despair

Today so many thoughts are going through my head, I want peace instead, I want peace instead.


Stop the World I want to get off, Stop the World I want to get off

Stop the World. Stop this train I'm on to stand still for a moment out of time 


But I've been down these roads before, its no secret the daily grind becomes a bore 

we've all seen sunrise and we've dreamed for more, we fight for freedom in peace and in war. 

Lets get away from all these streets with their work and no play, away from the routine of weeks years and days. 

Far away from what is right and what is wrong, for up on a hill there is freedom still, up on a hill freedom still 


Stop the World I want to breathe out, Stop the World I want to breathe in 

Stop the World start my life again one moment at a time 

For I'm alive, alive alive alive alive, I'm alive alive alive alive alive

I can see it now above the clouds of my mind 


Lets head off for the hills stretch into the sky, Let go our burdens and start to fly 

From our small view see what is true as what is not, falls away, what is not true will fall away 


Stop the World lets start again, Stop the World back to where we began 

Stop the World lets find some peace in our mind, and maybe peace in the world too 

For we're alive alive alive alive alive Come on now above the clouds of your mind


AuthorSusanna Holland


Living in February

All year through

Playing with shadows,

But ghosts don’t play, anymore. 


Days spiral out of control,

Eyes stuck half open,

Chasing then waiting,

For a train that left, five minutes ago. 


La la la, la la la; Remember.

La la la, la la la; Remember. 


Skyscraper billboards turning,

It’s still the same, it’s still the same;

Memory yearning,

And emptiness is, the only echo. 


Remember, Remember

Burgundy on the fingertips of trees, snow-drops,

Still the sky remains unchanging,

Shadows whisper in the labyrinth,

It’s still the same, it’s still the same,

Memory with no memory,

You left me behind still collecting stones


Remember, Remember

Burgundy on the fingertips of trees, snow-drops

Look now the sky is changing;

For Brighid she is calling all her children home

Come on home, back to life again. 

La la la, la la la; Remember,

La la la, la la la; Remember. 


AuthorSusanna Holland

Sleeping Ocean

I was once a sleeping ocean

and in a dream I became

jealous of a pond

A penny can be eyed in the street

and a war break can out

over it amongst  the poor.

Until we know that God lives in us

and we can see him


a great poverty

we suffer.

When God said ‘My hands are yours’ I saw that I could any

creature in this world;

I saw that the divine beauty in each heart

is the root of all time

and space.

I was once a sleeping ocean

and in a dream I became

jealous of a pond.

Written by  Rabia of Basra translated by Daniel Ladinsky (although Daniels version the poem starts with 'When God said...' and ends with '..we suffer.' So I've slightly rearranged it as it seemed to fit the vocal arrangement/improvisation, it felt to me as though the first note, the singular sound is the sleeping ocean that began life as well the story as this poem. It is appearing here with kind permission of Daniel Ladinsky and taken from the book 'Love Poems from God'.)  


AuthorSusanna Holland