A strong and flexible voice, with a creative musicality in her songs and improvisations.
— Frankie Armstrong

I grew up in Australia and moved to the UK when I was a teenager. I have always loved singing, it's my first love. My mum probably helped this by making singing a part of life, before we ate, at bedtime and driving in the car and she also played the piano at home all the time! But studying classical singing and singing in choirs helped develop my voice further.

However it has been through folk songs that I found the first audience I was at ease with, in the informal nature of a folk session. My interest in folk songs really took flight after I moved to the UK surrounded by the sights and sounds of the places where so many of those songs come from. Learning those songs has taught me the basics of songs and song structure and has continued to feed my love and fascination with history and mystery.

I loved the solitary nature of sitting on a hilltop drawing or writing a poem so I studied Fine Art and Creative Writing at university but grew tired of the flat surface of paintings and words and found that some of my poems started to take flight and become songs. But it was when I started to accompany myself on the guitar and harmonium eleven years ago, that I found I had a solid basis to perform my songs from (I still love singing on hilltops though and think that's where my best ideas are born!).

In 2004 I studied Hindustani vocal in Varanasi India, with singer and teacher Pashupatinath and this inspired me to start playing the harmonium and really work my voice like an Instrument, discovering all the weird and wonderful scales out there and those delicious half and quarter notes. More recently through playing with tabla player Dave Beards I have renewed my love of Indian Classical music and learnt more Ragas and written my own compositions, very much in my own style.

I've lived in Edinburgh for the past nine years. It's been a good place for me to share my music at its various festivals and venues. It’s here I learnt Gaelic songs such as Smeórach Chlann Dómhnail from déirdre ní mhathúna and I wrote the song Stop the World on top of Calton Hill. It's here that I've worked with many many different musicians but importantly; tabla player Dave Beards as Shiva Moon with whom I still perform occasionally, and Dave Boyd with whom I collaborated to create my début album in 2013 and here that I've found an audience to stop and really listen.

In 2015 I did a storytelling course with David Campbell and Janis Mackay that has given me greater skill to weave storytelling and singing together. This resulted in me performing, directing and producing a performance called 'Remembering Brigid' with storyteller Kate Walker and violinist Morag Brown that mixed story, song and folk-lore together in January 2015. The coming year sees me collaborating with the legend folk singer and flute player Cathal McConnell and develop a collaboration with electronic musician Patrick Walker.

I'm grateful that with the wings of technology and help from my friends, I can share some of what has moved and inspired me with those further a field. Happy listening and don't hesitate to contact me if you feel inspired.